My Street will be Missed

I am now crying. Am really going to miss this house. I’ve had two and a half years here. It was only supposed to be a few months but I sort of fell into a trance. Many of the people on my street are women who also live alone. We just wander into one another’s gardens. We all share too. If something’s of no more use, we put it on our walls, so others can help themselves. It’s a lovely idea.

As I sit here now typing, there’s silence outside. It’s a peaceful place. They even have their own Facebook page named Burley Cats. There’s plenty of the fluffy things around here and boy do they get noisy at night! It’s cat fights galore. I love the sound of cats after dark.

I did have two bad neighbours (well … very noisy ones.) They’ve left now and a Polish lady rents there. She’s lovely. On the other side it’s three flats. I am not sure how you can make three flats out of a terrace house? My basement kitchen on the other side of the wall is someone’s entire living space. Her name is Livvi and she makes vegan fairy cakes. She’s got a tiny herb garden outside too. A warm-hearted character. Then there’s a band on the upper floors. A cool lot. In-fact they’re all cool around here. I think I’m the oldest. But I get accepted (probably because I go to the shop in my pyjamas.)

I used to put pictures of my house on the internet, a stupid thing to do. I got a death threat so it sort of fused out the inclination to share my living space. Yet, people are lonely and they like to see ‘real’ lives. A grey area I guess. There’s so much loneliness out there. I get lonely. Like I always say, you can feel it in a crowded room. But I’ve always had hobbies. I’m rarely bored.

I don’t want to be someone who relies on the internet for a fix. Life’s too short. Blogging I can deal with as it’s an expressive platform and I learn so much from here. We can learn and then we can share so others learn too. That’s why people should not try to silence others.

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