Annecy with a Count

The most beautiful place I ever visited was ‘Annecy‘ in France (near the Swiss border.) I loved the food, the lake, for which is the cleanest in Europe. But most of all the historical architecture and the quaint waterways surrounding the town.

I was taken there by a friend I have since lost touch with. He was a Human Rights Lawyer. People called him ‘The Count’ as he lived in a converted school house in a graveyard at the top of a hill that over looked the village. He didn’t have curtains either so it was pretty spooky. He bought a small apartment in Annecy on the top floor of a very old, creaky, mostly timber constructed building and from the balcony all you could see were the most beautiful rooftops.

I also liked Southern Amalfi (Italy) where I was flown by the BBC to do a cookery show (many years ago.) I was chosen out of 300 candidates ‘by accident.’ I turned up to support a friend who was desperate to audition for the show but they liked me better. I felt a bit awful but anyway we got to both go on the programme.

When I leave a place, I thank it. I know I will probably not return but this wasn’t the case with Annecy. I want to go back. I had a different computer with hundreds of photographs of my journey but ‘alas’ I left it on the train.

Quietly Quirky ©

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